Sunday, May 01, 2005

LIMN @ The Lion, Stoke Newington, London

Limn perform a set akin to the range of Stereolab and Tortoise: instrumental and very calculated rock music but sufficiently interesting enough not to fall into the haphazard ghetto description of dreary avant experimental post rock music continuously jumped on by various horrible bandwagon jumpers as far back as the late nineties. Even despite the stick humidity, the band still manages to draw on stage presence drawing the listener into psychic rhythms. This band play like graduates from the Pajo School Of Rock, an education institution akin to the Jack Black school only inhabited by adults (kind of) and really remind me of El Hombre Trajeado. Regularly throughout the set the participants exchange instrument duties, displaying something of a talented rollcall and an admirable versatility within the band. Towards the end, as the set rolls to a conclusion, the general sense of proceedings becomes heavier and harder until the highlight of the show sees the band’s brass section adding a completely different trajectory to the set, dispersing from the crowd as if by spontaneous decision with a proper Johnny Briggs-esqe brass blow as opposed to some arty jazzy schmaltz as per June Of 44 etc. The set contains a surprisingly amount of miserablism, as its surly inclusion into the day’s proceedings appears to resemble the Instrument soundtrack’s inclusion to the Fugazi discography.


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